Community Support for Siletz Casino Project Continues to Grow

The latest data is in, and it's clear that the overwhelming majority of folks in Salem and Keizer are entirely behind this exciting venture. According to a recent poll conducted by DHM Research, 66% of residents fully support the Salem Casino Project, and this enthusiasm spans all sorts of different demographics.

It's remarkable how unwavering the support has been since the project was first announced. In fact, it's gained even more backing over the years, rising from 57% in 2021 to a solid 66% in 2023. Meanwhile, opposition to the project has dwindled to just 30% of area residents. It's genuinely heartening to witness such strong backing from the community.

Even when Governor Kotek recently voiced opposition to any expansion of tribal gaming, it didn't seem to dampen the spirits of Salem residents. A whopping 69% of those surveyed believe that Kotek's stance on gaming shouldn't be a reason to oppose the casino project. People are seeing the bigger picture and recognizing the tremendous benefits this project can bring.

This 180,800-square-foot entertainment, gaming, and hotel facility is projected to generate a staggering $231 million in gross revenue. The real excitement lies in the 1,200 full-time equivalent permanent living-wage jobs the project will create for Salem. That's a massive boost to the local economy and a real game-changer for so many families.

But it doesn't stop there. During the two-year construction phase, the project is estimated to generate around 2,300 jobs, contributing a massive $141 million in wages. In total, we're looking at an economic impact of $492 million and an impressive $54 million in indirect purchases or spending through supply chains in the local economy. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The Siletz Tribe is committed to sharing the prosperity of this project with the community. Their unprecedented revenue-sharing agreement received a big thumbs-up from those surveyed. With 25% of the net revenue going to State and local governments, including the City of Salem, and a generous 50% to other  Oregon Tribes for community-based projects and programs, they want to make a positive impact across the board.

Remember the added benefits of modernizing the roads, public transportation, and water systems surrounding the property. The plans also include constructing affordable housing units in the area - a thoughtful gesture showing the Tribe's commitment to improving the community. This project is a real game-changer, serving as an anchor for further investment in North Salem.

We are so grateful for the Salem community's steadfast support of the Siletz Casino Project. The support is overwhelming, and the potential for growth and prosperity is truly exciting. With so much to look forward to, it's no wonder the folks in Salem and Keizer are all smiles regarding this incredible project!

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The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians is a confederation of all the Tribes of western Oregon. In the 1800s Siletz ancestors were removed from their homelands and moved to the Siletz Reservation on the coast. Its Tribal headquarters is located in Siletz, Oregon and the Tribe has operated government offices in Salem, Portland, Eugene, Lincoln City and Siletz for over 40 years.



From the locals who will work at the property, to the local businesses who benefit from having more visitors in town, an endeavor like this is an investment in Salem's future. This project is a unique opportunity to add thousands of living wage jobs, spur economic growth, bring world-class entertainment, uplift Tribal communities and capitalize on significant infrastructure modernizations.

In addition, the project’s unique profit-sharing and community-focused plans ensure that the State of Oregon, local governments like the City of Salem and other federally recognized Tribes in Oregon benefit from the project. Please, listen to our community and say yes to this investment in Salem’s future.