Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day

Every February 23, on National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day, we recognize hospitality workers' hard work and dedication around the world. First celebrated by Food Service Direct, this appreciation day spotlights these vital yet often overlooked individuals in the hospitality industry.

Spanning diverse fields such as hotels, food service, theme parks, travel, and event planning, the hospitality sector relies heavily on the expertise and commitment of its workers. From the welcoming front desk staff to the thorough housekeepers and from attentive servers to meticulous event coordinators, these individuals form the backbone of the industry, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences.

In Lincoln County, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians recognize the invaluable contributions of hospitality workers, particularly through the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, the largest employer in the county with over 1,000 employees, many deeply involved in the hospitality industry.

Looking ahead, the Siletz Casino Project is set to create 1,200 permanent, living-wage jobs, with hospitality professionals playing a crucial role in bringing the project to life. From a sprawling 180,800 square-foot casino to a 4-star full-service hotel offering 500 rooms, a pool, spa, and more, the project provides an array of amenities that hospitality workers will expertly operate.

This National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day serves as a reminder of the integral role played by these professionals in shaping positive customer experiences. Their tireless efforts ensure seamless operations, impacting not just individual establishments but the broader community and economy. As we celebrate this day, let’s take a moment to show gratitude to hospitality professionals and acknowledge their contributions to the economy and our community.


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The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians is a confederation of all the Tribes of western Oregon. In the 1800s Siletz ancestors were removed from their homelands and moved to the Siletz Reservation on the coast. Its Tribal headquarters is located in Siletz, Oregon and the Tribe has operated government offices in Salem, Portland, Eugene, Lincoln City and Siletz for over 40 years.



From the locals who will work at the property, to the local businesses who benefit from having more visitors in town, an endeavor like this is an investment in Salem's future. This project is a unique opportunity to add thousands of living wage jobs, spur economic growth, bring world-class entertainment, uplift Tribal communities and capitalize on significant infrastructure modernizations.

In addition, the project’s unique profit-sharing and community-focused plans ensure that the State of Oregon, local governments like the City of Salem and other federally recognized Tribes in Oregon benefit from the project. Please, listen to our community and say yes to this investment in Salem’s future.