The Siletz Housing Department Breaks Ground on Salem Affordable Housing Project, Kloshe Illahee Haws

The history of the Siletz Tribe and its ancestors dates from time immemorial and includes nearly a third of the land in Oregon. The Tribe’s roots in the Willamette Valley remain strong today.

In 2021, the Siletz Tribal Housing Department secured funding for a 40-unit affordable housing development in Salem, known as Kloshe Illahee Haws, that is being built on 8.8 acres of trust land.

Salem’s affordable housing challenge is a symptom of a shortage of nearly 2,900 dwelling units, driving up the cost of existing units. Additionally, the Salem Metro area is projected to welcome 60,000 additional residents by 2035.

The Siletz Tribe sought funding for the new multi-family affordable housing complex to reduce housing burdens for Siletz tribal members and others in the Salem community.

Half of the complex’s 40 units are reserved for residents whose income is below 80% of the median income, with rent payments not exceeding 30% of their household income. The remaining half of the units will be rented      at an      affordable rate for individuals living above 80% of the median income. These two measures help ensure housing is available to those who need it most, prevent families from being further burdened by rent, and allow residents to save for the future or focus on other financial needs.

Located on the corner of Blossom Drive in Northeast Salem, Kloshe Illahee Haws will feature various living spaces from townhomes and triplexes, a modest community-use facility with staff offices, and an outdoor greenspace. The south end of the property is reserved for a future multi-family apartment complex.

Construction of the infrastructure began with the contract awarded to North Santiam Paving in December 2023, and the remainder of the project is expected to be bid in the second quarter of 2024.

While this project is separate and unique from other endeavors in the Salem community, like the casino project, it serves as an example of how the Siletz Tribe and the City of Salem can work together to identify areas of need and elevate the level of services in the community.

As the Siletz Tribe works to help address the unmet housing needs within the City of Salem, the Siletz Tribe is hopeful the success of Kloshe Illahee Haws will serve as an example of how cooperation between the Siletz Tribe and the City of Salem can benefit the community.

Kloshe Illahee Haws demonstrates the potential for the significant benefits of ongoing cooperation between the Tribe and the City of Salem, including through the Siletz Casino Project and other projects that seek to bring jobs and revenue to the city of Salem. The Siletz Tribe remains committed to working with Salem's City leaders to help mitigate the housing crisis and bring jobs and economic development to the community.

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The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians is a confederation of all the Tribes of western Oregon. In the 1800s Siletz ancestors were removed from their homelands and moved to the Siletz Reservation on the coast. Its Tribal headquarters is located in Siletz, Oregon and the Tribe has operated government offices in Salem, Portland, Eugene, Lincoln City and Siletz for over 40 years.



From the locals who will work at the property, to the local businesses who benefit from having more visitors in town, an endeavor like this is an investment in Salem's future. This project is a unique opportunity to add thousands of living wage jobs, spur economic growth, bring world-class entertainment, uplift Tribal communities and capitalize on significant infrastructure modernizations.

In addition, the project’s unique profit-sharing and community-focused plans ensure that the State of Oregon, local governments like the City of Salem and other federally recognized Tribes in Oregon benefit from the project. Please, listen to our community and say yes to this investment in Salem’s future.